The bespoke & environmentally sound option for refreshing & entertaining your guests.
A modern twist on the traditional Japanese moist towel.

econapkin is about creating an entertaining impact at the table, just as your clients sit down or in between courses, and something that will add to your already impeccable table service.

The Japanese have a ritual called Oshibori,  where clients & guests are given a rolled moist hand towel. This was part of our initial inspiration, as the idea of refreshing and cleaning your hands when you sit down before eating does add another dimension to your clients experience. When combined with our purpose built table presenters, you have a simple, practical and bespoke way of really creating a very modern twist on the moist towel & a very special moment for your guests.”

Chemical free, Non toxic, Hygienic & Healthy, 100% Biodegradable, compact, convenient & unique …


Eco Friendly Our contemporary compressed moist towel napkin is manufactured from Natural Viscose, Rice waste and Bamboo fibres. Two ingredients that are commercially grown, harvested and replanted. They are Non Toxic, and being 100% Non Allergenic are safe for all to use.


100% Bio Degradable econapkin compressed moist towel napkin does not contribute to our planet’s enormous problem of ending up in landfill, taking up even more of the world’s limited precious resources. Econapkin is 100% biodegradable & will totally breakdown after use.


Save Water, Detergents and Money A normal moist towelette compressed napkin requires approximately 60 ml of water to effectively dampen, econapkin requires no more than 10ml.


Not only is Econapkin 100% Bio Degradable, but after use it can be composted, saving even more of the earths valuable space by not contributing to landfill.


Our Soft Touch food grade silicon Napkin Holders, combine the critically important aspect of meeting all International Food Standards associations requirements on hygiene as well as being unbreakable, stackable and commercial dishwasher proof. Designed by a leading Commercial artist and produced by a team of International experts from High Grade Food Silicon, you will be proud to show us off. We have achieved a stylish product that is durable and functional in your fast paced environment.
Are you aware that silicon is actually 80% sand?