Econapkin an Experience not just a Napkin
The World’s No 1 Compressed Napkin Serviette Moist Towelette

– Reveal The Magic –

  • Simply put 10ml of water, cold or warm, maybe with a drop of our Lemongrass fragrance in the stylish holder.

  • Let your guest drop the Econapkin in the water.

  • Watch in amazement as it grows to a moist towel in front of their eyes.

  • Then easily unrolled into a moist towell (26 x 22 cms) for your guests and clients to Be Impressed & Refreshed.


econapkin contains none of the toxic chemicals that many leading brand hand sanitizers & wipes do.


econapkin are 100% eco friendly, made from all natural materials that include rice waste & bamboo fibers.


After being used, will totally breakdown over a limited time to leave No Impact or consume valuable landfill space.


Drop the econapkin in water and watch it grow in front of your eyes. Then unrolled into a moist towel (26 x 24 cms)


They are stylish enough to be added to your already great service and really WOW your guests with it.


Anytime your guests needs to clean and freshen up at restaurants, airlines, hotels or home etc.