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Gloss Black Multi Compressed Napkin Table Presenter

AUD 24.95

Compressed Econapkin Gloss Black Multi Table Presenter

High Gloss resin holder with felt base making it easy to present to several clients on the one table.


Gloss Black Multi Compressed Napkin moist towelette Table Presenter

The convenient and elegant way to present our compressed napkin to multiple users on one table. Manufactured out of solid resin with a felt base to prevent scratching on the table.

This holder has been designed to hold the optimum amount of water, cold, warm or fragrant to adequately dampen the towelette when dropped in the water reservoir. Your client will then watch in amazement as it rises up and out of the holder to be easily unfolded into a refreshing moist napkin towelette.

Dimensions 145 x 85 x 30 millimeters

Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 3 cm
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